The best thing to get after a fine meal is a just as fine dessert. If you are looking for a birthday cake, tasty cupcakes or delicious pancakes recipe, feel free to browse my selection of them here


CAKES We all love cakes! We can make them for every occasion or just as a nice dessert for you and your family. They say that a homemade cake is at least twice as tasty than a store-bought one. If you want to test this theory out browse through our best cakes recipes


NO-BAKE CAKES – Preparing the best sweets does not always require an oven, it is just as fine to make them without it. You can see through my no-bake cake recipes here


CHEESECAKES – I love cheesecakes. I’ve been preparing traditional cheesecakes for years, both baked and no-baked. Both my blog and my notebook contain many recipes for tasty cheesecakes


APPLE CAKES – The collection of all cakes that contain apples. Apple is the most common fruit in Poland and so are desserts featuring it. Its sweet taste is a perfect addition for cakes and pies, loved by many. All of our recipes for them can be found here.


TARTS – Tasty, crusty base and an either fruity, chocolate or creamy filling make for one of the sweetest dessert you can get. Here are the best recipes for tarts.


COOKIES – The best, most delightful homemade cookies and pastries recipes. You will feel like a real pastry cook when making them


CUPCAKES – Incredibly easy to make, these cupcakes will steal your heart (through your stomach) I often make cupcakes at home since they require little preparations and taste heavenly. They are also the best choice for starting your journey with baking


CROISSANTS – Here, in one easy to access place, I have gathered my best recipes for delicious croissants


PANCAKES – There are many ways of preparing pancakes, many forms it can take, many things you can put inside them too. They are great for breakfast or supper, loved by all the kids, including mine when they were little. Check out our best pancakes recipes

Welcome to Przepisy Joli – Jola’s Recipes, home to real homemade cuisine. Our family has always been closely connected to cooking and we value the quality of a meal prepared at home with love. That’s what motivated us in creating this blog: we wanted to share with you the joy of cooking at home and show that you don’t need great skills to prepare delicious food. Our site contains recipes for cakes, desserts, meals, snacks and colorful salads, among which are some of the most iconic Polish dishes, all tested and loved by our family.