Main course

The best part of the day! A great complement to your homemade dinner. Many think that cooking for yourself or your whole family must mean you will spend hours upon hours in the kitchen in order to prepare the food. The recipes we have here show that you only need a little preparation time plus occasionally some extra while boiling, braising or baking


SOUPS Soups can be treated as a seasonal dish. You eat different ones in fall or winter, usually thick and warm. In summer it’s better to have one that’s light, some are even served cold! We feature soup recipes for every occasion and season.


PORKDelicious pork is always a great choice for a fine home cooked meal no matter the form, be it pork chops, bacon, tenderloin or a roast. Here you can find the best recipes for dishes featuring pork


BEEF – Tasty, delightful beef. My family loves every meal that features it. Beef can be used in even the simplest of recipes though it is featured in some of the finest ones as well. You can find our best recipes for beef based meals here


POULTRY – The very base of my home cooking. Me and my family have always been enjoying recipes with chicken, duck or turkey meat. We are very happy to share our best poultry recipes with you here


FISH – Fish is a very important part for most of the diets, can be easily prepared and in hundreds of ways. Always a good and healthy choice for a meal, what more is there to say? Check out our best fish recipes here


PASTA – A nice pasta meal is usually a quick and simple choice to go with. You’d be surprised how much better a homemade sauce is compared to a pre-made one and it’s not that hard to make either! That’s why we have gathered my best pasta recipes here


VEGETARIAN – Sometimes all you need is a nice meal that doesn’t feature any meat yet still is delicious and filling. For those who do, we present you with our best vegetarian cuisine recipes

Welcome to Przepisy Joli – Jola’s Recipes, home to real homemade cuisine. Our family has always been closely connected to cooking and we value the quality of a meal prepared at home with love. That’s what motivated us in creating this blog: we wanted to share with you the joy of cooking at home and show that you don’t need great skills to prepare delicious food. Our site contains recipes for cakes, desserts, meals, snacks and colorful salads, among which are some of the most iconic Polish dishes, all tested and loved by our family.